Twitter for global community building #icollab

14 Oct

During ALTC2013 I came across @mhawksey TAGSExplorer visual Twitter analysis tool. This is a powerful tool for analysing Twitter interaction via a Hashtag. We’ve setup TAGSExplorer to regularly update via the #icollab hashtag, which gives us a nice visual map of the conversations and interaction around the #icollab COP, click the screenshot below to view an interactive live version of the #icollab TAGSExplorer.


It’s interesting to see the community and conversations as a visual representation – @catherincronin is doing some great work with her @ct231 students currently, and the TAGSExplorer also reveals some interested peripheral participants and observers.


One Response to “Twitter for global community building #icollab”

  1. catherinecronin October 14, 2013 at 2:30 pm #

    Many thanks for running the TAGSExplorer analysis, Thom! It provided an interesting point of analysis and discussion for #ct231 students. I included your TAGSExplorer of #ct231 in a blog post describing how we are using Twitter:

    Thanks again — and thanks to @mhawksey 🙂

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