ALT-C2013 #icollab research output

12 Sep

Our paper for the ALT-C2013 Conference was one of 6 research papers published in the Research in Learning Technology Journal (RLT):

“Education is increasingly driven by the economics of scale and research funding within a global ecology. We propose an alternative online open and connected framework (OOC) for building global learning communities using mobile social media, based upon a shared vision. In this paper we explore our experiences of building collaborative global learning communities through developing and sustaining a global community of practice (CoP) of mlearning researchers and practitioners over three years. This has resulted in the development of a framework for utilizing mobile social media to support collaborative curriculum development focused upon redefining pedagogy across international boundaries. The framework is informed by a critique of the reified activity of the CoP, including the development of student-generated mobile social media projects that have been used to broker collaboration across six different educational contexts around the globe.”

Cochrane, T., Buchem, I., Camacho, M., Cronin, C., Gordon, A., & Keegan, H. (2013). Building global learning communities. Research in Learning Technology, 21(ALT-C 2013 Conference Proceedings – Building new cultures of learning).

ALTC2013 also resulted in Dr Sarah Howard from the University of Wollongong in Australia joining the iCollab COP, followed by Bernie Goldbach from Limerick Institute of Technology in Ireland – Welcome!


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